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In Store Pickup now Available!

In Store Pickup now Available!

Good News! Gibson County residents and others within close proximity can now shop their favorite Kyle Cummins Merchandise online and select local pickup at checkout for FREE!

How it works: 

Once a customer adds items to their cart and wishes to checkout, proceed to checkout and select PICKUP IN STORE! Once selected, you will be prompted to fill out the required contact information and also select a DATE/TIME to pickup your order at our friends at PEONY & PINE! It's that simple! 

Peony & Pine is located at 3331 W Broadway St. Princeton, IN. (Please note, the available pickup date/times are in accordance with store hours.)

Customers who utilize this option will receive an email once their order is ready to be picked up at Peony & Pine!

There is also a limited offering of KCR inventory available inside Peony & Pine so stop in and say hi to our friends and local small business owner!